Balanced Digestive System

Below is a glossary of terms to help you understand the building blocks and elements that support good digestive health and a balanced immune system, fundamentals for the health of your horse.

Why a Balanced Digestive System is so Important for the Health of your Horse

Scientists have long known that a large portion of a horse’s immune system resides within the digestive tract, home to both good and bad bacteria. Maintaining microbial balance within the digestive tract is crucial in establishing gut health. Many horses experience discomforts ranging from gastro distress to colic, ulcers and bleeding. The commonality with these problems is that inflammation abounds and gut integrity is compromised. Smooth Run Equine’s patented digestive blend and colostrum works directly in the gut to reduce inflammation, promote epithelial growth and repair, improve nutrient absorption and promote colonization of the digestive tract by beneficial flora, effectively supporting gut health and gut immunity.

Why a Balanced Immune System is so Important for the Health of your Horse

Every second of the day your horse is waging a silent war against billions of viruses, bacteria, pathogens and parasites. Their immune system faces many challenges: stress, pollution, allergens, nutritional deficiencies, free radicals, surgery and medication. These challenges attack the host, acute and chronic illness weaken their immune system and their ability to recover. Without a primed and effective immune system your horse’s health is in serious jeopardy and they are vulnerable to disease. Do not underestimate the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy immune system. An immunoregulator is any substance that can quiet or activate the immune system, depending on circumstances. IPS supports the immune system to stay primed and strike the perfect balance between over activity and sluggishness. We need to realize the tremendous healing powers available in nature and harness them in the correct balance.

Learn how our supplements support digestive health and balance the immune system in the illustration of the gut lining