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Do I have to feed the supplement with a specific type of grain?

Smooth Run Equine products are formulated to complement and help save on added cost of grains with vitamins, however it is not necessary to change from your favorite grain product.

My horse is a picky eater what is the best way to introduce the new supplement?

If you have a picky eater it is recommended to introduce new products to your animals slowly. Start with a quarter of the regular dose for the first day or two, and then increase to half the dose for next day or two, and so on until your horse is consuming the recommended daily dose. * For especially picky eaters, we recommend adding flavored gelatin powder over your horse’s food.

Do I have to feed the supplement twice a day or is once a day sufficient?

The daily dosage is listed on the back label of each product and is to be fed one time daily.

Can I use more than one Smooth Run Equine product at the same time?

Yes, all of our products are designed to work synergistically with each other.

Are there any chemicals or fillers in Smooth Run Equine Products?

No, Smooth Run Equine products are all natural with no fillers, artificial colors or sweeteners. Remember when reading product labels ingredient quantities should be listed in order of greatest to least amount.

When I start my horse on Smooth Run Equine should I feed a double dose in the beginning to work the product into his system?

Smooth Run Equine does not need to be doubled up in the beginning.